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Analysis of market segments, needs and demands to enable future development of products and services

The brief

The ICSA were keen to re-evaluate their offering to their members and find new opportunities for products and services.

We had many objectives within this research; the most notable being to understand the potential market size for membership and training; key and emerging segments within this market; the nature of the broader business qualifications market; and the needs of the professional education market outside the role of Charted Secretaries.

Our approach and methodology

We proposed a four-stage approach which included ICSA members as well as those working more broadly within HR, Governance, Compliance, Risk, Finance, Legal and Company Secretary roles.

  • Desk research and market sizing evaluated the potential of a variety of activities and markets that represented opportunities for ICSA and established the opportunities for growth that existed in the current market place.
  • Over 100 in-depth interviews with key employers and personnel working in Governance, Risk, Compliance and company administration provided rich qualitative data to better understand the needs of the market.
  • 2 face-to-face focus groups and 4 online group sessions tested potential propositions.
  • An eSurvey achieved a statistically significant response rate.

All work was conducted sensitively and with authority especially given the seniority of respondents and the delicate nature of the work they conduct within their organisations.

Delivering results and value to our client

The Shift team brought critical market research and professional society experience to the ICSA including:

  • 3 presentations delivered at different times in the project process and aimed at different audiences
  • Transparent communication via regular progress calls and meetings and interim deliverables
  • A detailed final report and presentation providing ICSA with a comprehensive and evidence-based strategy that could be implemented to improve their offering and grow in the short, medium and long term