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Brand perceptions research

The brief

The Association for Project Management (APM) wanted to repeat their 2019 brand perceptions study to provide a benchmark prior to implementing changes to their branding in September 2022. The objectives of this perceptions research were very similar to those from the previous iteration of this survey, with an additional focus on survey wave comparison and benchmarking.​

The approach

  • As in 2019, a quantitative methodology was followed, in the form of an online survey. In addition to adding new questions, some previous questions were removed and others were changed to reflect APM’s future business strategy.
  • The survey was sent by APM to their mailing lists. This included APM members, lapsed members and non-members, as well as those who had taken an APM qualification (but who weren’t necessarily members) and those who had not taken a qualification.​
  • Shift used database linking to create a unique link for each individual in the mailing list.
  • After data cleaning (removing duplicates, nonsensical answers, etc.), the final sample consisted of 1,644 useable responses, compared to 957 in 2019. 
  • Weighting wasn’t applied to the data because the sample did not appear to be imbalanced, hence weighting could have distorted the results.

The value

Shift delivered a comprehensive report detailing the key findings from the survey, with a comparison to the previous survey wave.  It also included the visualisation of a key driver analysis in moon plots of APM’s positioning against key competitors. Ultimately, the conclusions and recommendations of this research provided APM with a predictive temperature check of their 2022 rebranding, as new items around their desired versus actual brand image were tested and Shift highlighted where these were already fairly aligned, as well as areas for improvement.