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Congress research 2015

The brief

The European Cancer Congress (ECCO) attracts a multi-disciplinary audience every year, with 18, 500 delegates attending in 2014.

ECCO were looking to conduct research around delegates’ experiences of their 2015 congress, which was held in Vienna in September 2015, with a view to developing and enhancing future congresses. They were interested in approaching this via both quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to gain a variety of perspectives on the delegate experience.

In particular, ECCO wanted to understand delegates’ perceptions of the congress. They were looking to enhance aspects of the conference programme, with a view to improving the congress across their multi-disciplinary audience.

The approach

We took a multi-methodology approach. The research took place over several stages and was conducted both during and after the congress.

Firstly, Shift conducted an onsite evaluation. This quantitative phase consisted of a face-to-face survey with delegates at the 2015 congress, carried out directly by the Shift team. Survey respondents included both scientists and members of industry, and involved several hundred interviews carried out on site during the congress.

The qualitative stage of the research consisted of 2 focus groups: the first with medical specialists, and the second involving those from multi-disciplinary scientific backgrounds, as well as members of industry.

A large scale e-survey was also developed and sent to all attendees of the congress, asking them questions around the event, their reasons for attending and reactions to possible future developments. This had over 400 responses and included both closed and open responses.

A significant number of in-depth interviews were held with policy experts, both face-to-face during the congress and afterwards via telephone.

The value

Shift presented ECCO with key recommendations for how they could develop future congresses to meet the needs of their multi-disciplinary audience. Detailed recommendations around particular aspects of the congress and ECCO’s key research objectives were presented in a full report.