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Corporate Partnership Programme research

The brief 

APM wanted to understand what Corporate Partners value from their relationship with the organisation, thereby enabling APM’s offer to remain fresh and relevant for both Partners and Affiliates, and ensuring resources are allocated appropriately.

The approach

The research focused on former and current APM Corporate Partners and Affiliates. In-depth interviews were conducted over Microsoft Teams with main contacts at a range of APM’s Corporate Partner Programme organisations. These interviews explored:​

  • The value of the Corporate Partnership Programme to organisations, and the main benefits.​
  • Suggestions for how the programme could be improved to better suit the needs of its members (Partners and Affiliates). ​
  • Feedback and ideas on events (which events are of most value and what they’d like to see in future).​
  • Approaches organisations take to developing their project professionals and intentions for the future.

The value

Shift produced a detailed report of the findings from the qualitative research. This report explored the perceived value of the Corporate Partnership Programme and how value could be added to it, including a focus on events and the organisational development of project professionals. Our conclusions and recommendations highlighted the value respondents saw in the programme, and identified ways in which APM could move it forward.