Mixed-methods community research

The brief

EMBO wanted to explore awareness and perceptions of its organisation, as well as needs, barriers, incentives and mechanisms to engage the life sciences community in Europe and beyond. EMBO commissioned Shift to launch a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind survey to support strategic decisions of EMBO related to future developments and ongoing programmes, policies and activities.

The approach

The research programme consisted of:

  • A comprehensive online survey of EMBO contacts and external providers, with 3,533 respondents, covering all aspects of EMBO’s community.
  • 40 follow-up qualitative interviews with EMBO contacts and external providers, which were conducted to contextualise and understand the quantitative insights from the survey in more detail.

The value

We delivered a comprehensive report detailing our research, including awareness and perceptions of specific elements of the EMBO community, and competitor comparisons. Conclusions and recommendations included use of the ‘Elements of Value’ model to consider how to increase audience engagement. To support dissemination of findings, we developed over 30 bespoke summary reports for EMBO’s regional stakeholders. A presentation of results was delivered to programme heads.