Medical society

Fieldwork research at a leading medical congress

The brief

Following our previous research at their 2014 Congress, a well-known medical society approached Shift to conduct in-depth fieldwork research at their 2015 Congress. The society’s Congresses attract medical specialists from around the world and are held annually each year.

This research aimed specifically to determine barriers to attendees’ participation at the Congress, and any potential areas for further development at future Congresses. The society also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the different medical professionals within their audience, and the best ways for the society to be able to continue to meet the needs of these segments.

The approach

We adopted a quantitative methodology, since this would offer a broad understanding of delegates’ experiences of the current Congress, and would enable the society to gain a clear picture of current needs around each of the aspects of the Congress that they wanted to investigate.

A team of fieldwork researchers from Shift conducted face-to-face surveys at the 2015 Congress. In total, Shift achieved a total of 417 responses to the survey, all conducted in person over the course of three days at the Congress. Respondents adhered to a strict quota, previously agreed with the society, in order to gain insight into the needs of different types of medical professionals.

The value

Following an in-depth analysis of the results of the field research survey, we delivered a full report, which contained a complete view of the research findings alongside viable recommendations for ways that the society could develop their future Congresses.
In addition to the report, Shift also gave a full face-to-face presentation, where the society had the opportunity to ask any questions about the report findings.

The society commended the effectiveness of the survey and the quality of the results, as well as the professionalism of the Shift team.