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Membership survey research 2022

The brief

The Association for Project Management (APM) wanted to rerun their annual membership survey. Next to tracking the performance of existing metrics of APM membership, they wanted to gain insights about how to even further improve member satisfaction, and what aspects of being a member are valued highly, to help with future messaging.

The approach

  • As in previous waves of this research, a quantitative methodology was followed, in the form of an online survey. In addition to checking and updating some existing questions whilst ensuring tracking continuity, some new questions were added to address APM’s additional insight needs.
  • The survey was sent by APM to their mailing lists. This included APM members, lapsed members and non-members.​
  • After data cleaning (removing duplicates, nonsensical answers, etc.), the final sample consisted of 1,496 useable responses.

The value

Shift delivered a comprehensive report detailing the key findings from the research, with a comparison to the previous two survey waves. It also included a key driver analysis to understand which factors had the greatest impact on respondents’ satisfaction with APM products and services. Ultimately, the conclusions and recommendations of this research provided APM with a snapshot of how their membership offer is perceived and how this perception has changed in the last three years.