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Radiology and Oncology Congresses

Reviewing the medical congress sector

The brief

Radiology and Oncology Congresses (ROC) are a registered charity responsible for organising two radiology-based Congresses. The charity is made up of representatives from the British Institute of Radiology, the Society and College of Radiographers and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Over the past few years there have been significant changes in the healthcare environment which have reduced the flexibility for healthcare professionals to gain funding and study leave to attend medical Congresses.

ROC commissioned Shift to analyse how medical Congresses across the sector were handling this challenge and to investigate the priorities of their Congresses’ existing and potential audiences.

Our approach and methodology

Shift worked efficiently to conduct this multi-phase project within a 3-month window. The study included:

Phase 1 | Internal Stakeholder Interviews
  • 7 face-to-face/phone interviews with high-level stakeholders in both Congresses
  • Ensured that opinions from all partner organisations were taken on board early in the research process
Phase 2 | Extensive Desk Research
  • Investigation into a variety of contextual issues in the sector including sub-specialty Congresses, NHS decision-making and mailing lists
  • Included analysis of 4 Congresses in the same specialism including sessions/structure, social events, marketing and exhibitors. Also featured analysis of technology uses at Congresses in other specialisms
Phase 3 | Quantitative eSurvey
  • 680 responses from past/current/potential attendees of both Congresses
  • Gained feedback on the current operation of the Congresses and tested reaction to potential new ideas
Phase 4 | Delegate Interviews
  • 25 phone interviews with lapsed, current and potential attendees of both Congresses to understand what they expect from medical Congresses
  • Supplemented eSurvey findings with qualitative depth and detail
Phase 5 | Exhibitor Interviews
  • 8 phone interviews with current/potential future exhibitors of the Congresses – analysing their work and decision-making
Phase 6 | Medical Congress Organiser Interviews
  • Phone interviews with 4 high-level organisers of other medical Congresses across Europe to understand best practice
  • Included individuals from Congresses deemed aspirational by ROC
Delivering results and value to our client

The Shift team brought valuable insights to the ROC via:

  • Full report combining findings from all phases of the research with actionable recommendations and quick wins
  • Short executive summary providing top-line findings
  • Presentation outlining the methodology, themes and conclusions to senior members of the ROC board
  • Anonymous transcripts of all interviews and working desk research documents, allowing for further secondary research