Content Strategy

RCNi, the Royal College of Nursing’s learning platform, wanted to conduct research aimed at shaping its content strategy. The objective was to gain insight into the varied needs of its audience, enhancing their overall experience – ultimately to both attract new users and maintain current subscriptions.

Membership research, Publications and new service development research
Membership research

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), a trade body and membership organisation, commissioned Shift Membership to help them better understand trading and operational challenges faced by professionals in the industry.

Membership research
Public perceptions

As part of a larger review, this research aimed to help the GOC better understand patient and public views on its Standards of Practice for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, as well as their Standards for Optical Students.

Research to inform policy development
BSR conference

Shift were commissioned to analyse the open codes from a survey which collected feedback around the 2022 British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) conference. The conference was delivered in a hybrid format, having been online the previous year.

Conference research
Volunteering Research

The Association for Project Management (APM) has 750 volunteers performing a variety of tasks – and wanted to conduct a review of its current approach to governance and management of its volunteering efforts.

Membership research
Professional Associations

APM wanted to update their review of key competitor organisations. The aim was to refresh existing information in line with APM’s new strategy and produce a SWOT analysis with particular focus on potential opportunities.

Research to inform policy development
Membership survey

Society and College of Radiographers commissioned Shift to conduct membership research. This project’s research objectives were: to explore members’ expectations, needs, awareness and satisfaction, as well as threats and challenges to radiographers; and to investigate if current membership fee categories and structures were fit for purpose.

Membership research
Corporate strategy and perceptions survey

The General Medical Council commissioned Shift Insight to run their corporate strategy and perceptions survey, which tracks perceptions of seven key audiences, building on research conducted in previous years.

Research to inform policy development
Project journal research

APM’s quarterly Project journal is their flagship publication and one of their most popular member benefits. APM would like to ensure that Project continues to meet members’ expectations and perform as it should – and commissioned Shift to conduct research exploring members’ attitudes to the journal, particularly its content and distribution format.

Membership research, Publications and new service development research
Interviews exploring data usage in project management

We conducted research for APM exploring how project professionals currently use data in their roles.

Qualification review

We conducted qualitative research for a professional organisation and awarding body, who wanted to look into their qualifications, to ensure they were continuing to meet the changing needs of industry professionals.

Publications and new service development research
Understanding doctors’ decisions to migrate from the UK

The General Medical Council (GMC) commissioned Shift Insight to conduct an in-depth study to understand the decision-making processes of doctors leaving the UK workforce to practise medicine overseas.

Research to inform policy development
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