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Medical student perceptions

The brief

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and The Medical Schools Council (MSC) commissioned Shift to conduct a comprehensive survey with UK medical students exploring perceptions surrounding general practice.

The research aimed to provide in-depth insights into students’ likelihood to pursue a career in general practice, in addition to understanding influential factors and how associations and misconceptions of the specialism are formed.

Our approach and methodology

An online survey was created in collaboration with the RCGP and MSC. It was distributed by Deans, Heads of School and Education Leads across UK medical schools.

The RCGP was an anonymous stakeholder during the fieldwork in order to avoid bias towards students who are more or less interested in general practice.

We received a total of 3680 survey responses from students across 30 medical schools in the UK – 9.4% of the total medical student population.

Weighting was applied to the data during analysis to better reflect the population of UK medical students.

Delivering results and value to our client

Shift provided RCGP and MSC with comprehensive results. Final deliverables included:

  • A global report detailing anonymised findings from the full sample and 30 bespoke PDF reports for each medical school, providing a synopsis of students’ perceptions and an exploration of where these associations are likely to be derived from and influenced by.
  • Full anonymised raw datasets and analysis tables in Excel.
  • Access to Q Reader analysis software to allow for flexible and detailed exploration of the data.