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Membership Survey 2021

The brief

APM commissioned Shift to conduct its third study exploring member and follower perceptions, the overall membership experience and their wider products and services used. We have conducted APM’s membership surveys since 2014.  

The approach

  • A quantitative survey was designed to benchmark findings against those of previous APM surveys.​
  • 2,099 responses were used in the analysis.​
  • Key driver analysis was used to identify what might be driving member satisfaction, and satisfaction with benefits.​
  • When the report was delivered, we conducted an online workshop for the relevant teams using Mural. These were used for generating ideas, prioritising these and working them up into more developed ideas. 

The value

  • The research was delivered via a number of tailored reports – one for the board, focused on strategic areas, another summarising the work as a whole and then a series of short mini reports looking at specific functional areas, each with recommendations for action. ​
  • We also produced a factsheet for internal distribution – a highly visual one-page summary of the results.​
  • A summary of ideas generated at the workshop was then provided to APM, suggesting the objectives and associated actions of each initiative discussed, along with consideration of additional resources/skills required, responsibility/ownership within APM and potential KPIs.