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The Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare

Mixed-methods membership research

The brief

The Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) is the largest UK professional membership organisation working at the heart of sexual and reproductive health, supporting healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care. Shift Learning carried out research for the FSRH to develop their understanding of membership activities and use of FSRH, including the qualifications and training offer. This included investigation into what they wanted from FSRH in the future, across a range of the organisation’s areas of operation.

The approach

  • Desk research and internal stakeholder interviews to contextualise the research and inform subsequent stages.
  • Quantitative eSurvey to all members to explore how well qualifications and training are meeting current member needs. The survey included a cluster analysis to generate personas and a Key Drivers Analysis to understand drivers to satisfaction.
  • 90 in-depth qualitative interviews with lapsed and current members across all major role types.

The value

Shift delivered a thorough report and presentation including 3 key segments in terms of member engagement. The report had recommendations around: qualifications development; membership offer and services; pricing structures and discounts; communications channels and messaging; and the FSRH’s role in terms of national and local policy development. FSRH have used the findings to make short-term communications improvements. It is also using the findings as a driver to run a large-scale review of its membership offer.