Membership survey research 2022

Quantitative membership research to gain insights around how to further improve member satisfaction and help with future messaging.

Membership research
Brand perceptions research

We conducted quantitative research for APM to update their previous brand perceptions study, prior to rebranding, providing survey wave comparison and benchmarking to measure perceptions of the APM brand.

Mixed-methods community research

We conducted quantitative research and qualitative interviews to explore the EMBO community and support strategic decisions related to future developments and ongoing programmes, policies and activities.

Membership research, Research to inform policy development
Corporate Partnership Programme research

We conducted qualitative research for APM to find out what Corporate Partners and Affiliates value from the Corporate Partnership Programme to ensure APM’s offering is fresh and relevant, future growth plans are understood and resources are allocated accordingly.

Membership research
Multi-method competence framework review

Shift undertook a literature review and online focus groups in this consultation for APM, to inform the update of their Competence Framework, a core part of their offer.

Publications and new service development research
Interviews and usability testing around CPD development

We conducted qualitative research and usability testing with APM's membership, to to understand how members accessed and used their CPD resources, as well as to user-test a potential new CPD area.

Publications and new service development research
Membership Survey 2021

APM commissioned Shift to conduct its third study exploring member and follower perceptions, the overall membership experience and their wider products and services used. We have conducted APM’s membership surveys since 2014.

Membership research
Scholarly publishing audience and competitor research

The Royal Society of Chemistry needed a better understanding of the value and impact of their academic journal CERP. In-depth interviews, e-survey, competitor analysis and literature review allowed Shift to paint a detailed picture of the publication and the sector.

Publications and new service development research
Mixed-methods membership research

We conducted desk research, an eSurvey and 90 in-depth interviews to help the FSRH develop their understanding of membership activities and use of services.

Membership research
Engagement of young people

A world-leading professional organisation sought to develop an offer to engage young people aged 5-16 with the aim to support, inspire and encourage participation in their sector. As well as needing to find out what specifically would appeal to young people across their target age range, this organisation sought to understand what concerns parents might have about the use of their children’s data and to gauge the level of awareness of their organisation amongst their intended audience.

Publications and new service development research
Interviews around primary chemistry resources

We conducted 40 phone interviews with primary teachers who taught science to explore their experiences and challenges, as well as their perceptions of RSC services.

Publications and new service development research
Investigating communities of interest

As part of their ongoing membership research, APM commissioned Shift to investigate what their current members, as well as the wider project community, wanted and expected of a chartered professional body in terms of its communities of interest. They wanted a comprehensive piece of research that would give them insight into what other organisations were doing, where APM’s strengths lay and where they could develop their current offer.

Membership research
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