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Professional Associations

The brief

APM wanted to update their review of key competitor organisations. As APM are a regular client, and this is a recurring project (previously conducted in 2019 and most recently in 2021), Shift was the natural choice to conduct this research.​

The aim was to refresh existing information in line with APM’s new strategy and produce a SWOT analysis with particular focus on potential opportunities. 

The approach

  • We used a desk research approach to research 36 organisations with similar aims, topics and target audiences to APM. For ease of comparison, we also followed the same process for APM.​
  • Our research team used organisation websites and publicly available documents to collect information such as size of membership, purpose of the organisation and mass audience activities they were involved in. 

The value

  • We provided APM with a full detailed analysis grid, enabling them to closely examine each competitor’s offering across a variety of areas.​
  • We also provided a report summarising the key findings when it came to APM’s overall strengths and areas for development in comparison to competitors, as well as potential opportunities for collaboration with other organisations.