Membership body

Qualification review

The brief

A professional organisation and awarding body wanted to conduct qualitative research into one of their qualifications, to ensure that they were continuing to meet the changing needs of industry professionals.

They wanted to explore ways of refreshing and redeveloping their qualification to ensure that it remains relevant and respected. This would involve deconstructing the current qualification to create a new version that has given evidenced-based consideration to content, pedagogy and assessment.

The approach

Shift used a mixed-methods approach to the research, including:

  • 6 focus groups with candidates:
    • 3 x groups with individuals who had already taken the qualification.
    • 2 x groups with individuals in the process of taking the qualification.
    • 1 x groups with individuals who were considering taking the qualification.
  • E-consultation with employers and training providers:
    • An online survey consultation with corporate decision-makers (employers) and training providers, exploring their thoughts on the qualification.

The value

Shift provided a comprehensive report, detailing the findings on the core strengths and areas for improvement of the current qualification, incorporating feedback from candidates and from employers and training providers.

The findings were discussed in an internal workshop by the client.

Through comparison to their own candidate evaluation survey, and interviews with stakeholders, this research provided a detail-rich evidence base, which will inform discussions of how to develop the qualification in the future.