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Membership survey

The brief

The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) is made up of both the Society of Radiographers (SoR) and the College of Radiographers (CoR). The SoR is the trade union and professional body for radiographers and all non-medical members of the workforce in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy in the UK. It is responsible for their professional, educational, public and workplace interests. SCoR commissioned Shift to conduct membership research.

This project’s research objectives were:

  • To explore members’ expectations, needs, awareness and satisfaction, as well as threats and challenges to radiographers.
  • To investigate if current membership fee categories and structures were fit for purpose.

The approach

  • Shift designed a three-phase project. It consisted of 10 immersion interviews with internal staff members, an eSurvey with 2,130 respondents, and 20 interviews conducted online.
  • The online survey explored member value and perceptions of value for money. We used a variety of techniques including the Van Westendorp method and a route through the survey using conjoint analysis to establish where members saw value in their offer as well as examining their price sensitivity.

The value

We delivered the following to our client:

  • A detailed report with an executive summary and recommendations. This included suggestions for areas of the membership offer on which to focus and invest as well as recommendations around pricing and member value.
  • A presentation to the senior team, including accessible descriptions of the results of the Van Westendorp and conjoint analysis.
  • A market simulator tool and tables in Q Reader, enabling the team to examine issues of member value once the project had finished.