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Testing propositions for the refreshed RPP standard

The brief

In response to the growing interest in their Registered Project Professional (RPP) standard, an updated competency framework and a drive towards making the standard more accessible to a wider range of professionals while maintaining its current rigour, APM were working towards refreshing the standard.

They wanted to ensure that the standard offered a consistent supply of competent professionals of the quality, quantity and diversity required by the market both now and in the future.

As a result APM commissioned Shift to carry out research that would gauge and assess the appeal and viability of the refreshed standard amongst a range of key stakeholders, exploring assessment criteria, assessment methods, processes and CPD requirements.

The approach

We proposed a two stage approach which included potential applicants to RPP at a range of different stages in their careers (both APM members and non-members) and from a range of sectors, in addition to speaking to corporate members and training providers.

Stage 1

Focus groups: We carried out 2 focus groups with potential applicants to RPP at different career stages. APM were able to watch respondents react to their propositions surrounding the refreshed feedback and gain in-depth qualitative feedback.

Stage 2

Depth interviews: Following an interim report based on the findings from stage 1, we carried out 40 depth interviews via GoToMeeting conference software with a range of different respondents as highlighted above. These hour-long interviews presented the refreshed proposition to individuals gaining valuable feedback and allowing Shift to construct recommendations for any alterations to the refreshed proposition.

The value

The Shift team presented the following deliverables to the client:

  • Regular progress calls with APM throughout the process to provide feedback that could feed into the development of the proposition
  • An interim report with key highlights of the focus group feedback
  • A detailed final report complete with verbatim quotes and recommendations to help APM make considered changes to their refreshed standard prior to its introduction