Membership research reports

We believe in the power of community to nurture talent and inspire progress, which means we are passionate about using our expertise to support membership bodies and scholarly societies.

Public-facing research for researchers

We are proud to have supported the Reimagine Research campaign for Wellcome by conducting 90 cognitive interviews and a global survey into research culture experiences, with responses from over 4,000 research professionals. The final report is available on the Wellcome site and you can read more about our research in this Shift Learning case study.

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We were subsequently asked by the Cactus Foundation to be their analytics and reporting partner on the Joy and Stress Triggers global survey into mental health within the research field. This involved analysing responses from over 13,000 researchers across 160+ countries, before compiling a comprehensive and publicly accessible research report.

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We have also partnered with Nature for several years on quantitative studies into researcher perspectives. The 2020 survey of over 7,000 postdoctoral researchers included detailed questions on the impact of COVID-19 on current research and future career prospects. The findings can be explored in Nature’s article about the much-publicised survey.

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Open-access research

Aside from offering bespoke research designs to inform strategies, we often conduct independent research across our specialisms to equip our clients with actionable data and insight. You can explore these via our Shift Insight research reports page, as well as freely downloading our Shift Membership research into the impact of Covid on 90 medical conferences.

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