Books and iBooks Author – the impact for publishers

3 days after the re-launch of the new version of iBooks at the end of January, Apple reported over 350,000 textbooks being sold through the revised platform. In addition to book sales, over 90,000 users downloaded iBooks Author (the software designed to enable publishers and authors to quickly and easily create interactive eTextbooks for the iPad) – a development with potentially far-reaching implications for traditional textbook publishers.

This White Paper gives an overview of the functionality of iBooks and iBooks Author, discusses the initial reactions to the new programme, considers the possible implications for textbook publishers and offers recommendations steps textbook publishers can take to allay the potential threats to sales.

Can Shift Learning help?

With an ever-increasing amount of self-published content available through the iBookstore, it will be essential for traditional textbook publishers to make their content easy to find. Websites should be well laid out and intuitive and well optimised for search engines. Shift Learning has extensive experience of offering website usability testing and SEO for our clients.

Similarly we can help you discover how your customers view your brand and identify distinctive company and product attributes which can inform areas of competitive advantage for future business strategies to win and maintain customer loyalty.

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PDF: ShiftLearningWhitePaper_iBooks2andiBookAuthor